Design, production and installation of air conditioning, refrigeration and fire prevention products

Tecnavi supplies the industry with state-of-the-art air conditioning and ventilation systems, refrigeration plants, design and production of furnishing and technical areas, and fire fighting systems.


The company designs, manufactures, supplies and installs complete HVAC Systems and refrigeration units. Tecnavi is also specialized in the preparation of all technical spaces on board, in the general supply of off-the-shelf and custumized spare parts and in the design and development of onboard fire fighting systems.

Air conditioning and ventilation

Design, Manufacture, Supply and Installation of:

  • HVAC System
  • Ventilation ducts and special fittings
  • Fire Dampers (MED approved)
  • Regulation Dampers
  • Water traps
  • External air intake and exhaust louvres
  • Air Handling Units
  • Cooling / heating coils
  • Fan Coils
  • Supply and exhaust fans
  • Plant testing and tuning
  • Plant start-up and commissioning


Design, production, supply and installation of cooling units for:

  • Direct expansion plants for HVAC and refrigerated/deep frozen stores.
  • Chilled water production for air conditioners and industrial use.
  • Glycoled chilled water for industry.

Design, manufacture, supply and installation of:

  • Copper piping for Freon distribution.
  • Tube condensers, customized.
  • Freon Recovery Units.
  • Direct expansion batteries with electric fan.

Furnishing & technical areas

Tecnavi specializes in the preparation of all technical spaces on board:

  • Consulting, 3D design, rendering, construction drawings, assistance to the shipyard during project.
  • Production of machine workshop, stores with “turn key” solutions, test and commissioning and a wide range of conventional and automatized machine tools.
  • First quality naval furnishings are selected in accordance with technical specifications and customer's needs.

After Sales & Spare Parts

Through its logistic service Tecnavi supply off the-shelf and customized parts, accessories of a wide portfolio of HVAC and refrigeration equipment of the main manufacturers of HVAC and refrigeration plants.

Manufacturing of obsolete and customized components which are not available on the market.

Fire Fighting Systems

Tecnavi, accordingly with the current rules, designes, developes and manufactures Fire Fighting Systems for any kind of Ship. Tecnavi is also well skilled for “Turn Key” full system delivery usually designing and producing for fitters.

Our “Turn Key” has become and has been by our customers a well recognised a support reducing his efforts and managing costs on the field, obtaining as final results a ready to use product. Our Fire Fighting Systems, which include also automation management, are fully respecting all the International Marine Rules and are developed with special care in order to find out the best Ship’s systems symbiosis.


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