Markets and Products

Production and sales activities of Tecnavi are organized by business unit because of the diversified business portfolio. The business unit – HVAC, ventilation and refrigeration, FFS- Marine firefighting system, outfitting and Navint specialized and customized products (watertight, splash, shall and side doors) – each have their own product range and independent control of their market activities. Nevertheless, the individual divisions work together in one market sector to produce synergies, which make it possible for us to provide our customers with integrated solutions.

The manufacture and installation of equipment is carried by Tecnavi personnel; sub-contractors (having relationships with Tecnavi from several years) providing skilled manpower complete the Tecnavi capabilities in executing work worldwide in a turnkey formula.

The technical and functional responsibility is guaranteed by the constant presence of Tecnavi engineers/technicians who supervise each activity.

TECNAVI provides an after-sales service including a wide range of spare parts to ensure our customers the best possible service.

Our experience means to our customers a comprehensive service including our advice, expertise and technical support.

From design and selection, to the commissioning, TECNAVI ensures the best effort to ensure that your system has the lowest cost of operation, while providing maximum reliability and durability.